Photography has always fascinated me, both flipping through photo books as well as taking pictures myself. Oddly enough, I never felt comfortable with the motifs I was drawn to: empty landscapes, run down places and other remains of abandoned life dreams. It took me a while to understand that my fascination for those kinds of images stems from contradiction within them and the questions these places raise: Who are the people that lived here? What has their life been like? And why didn’t things work?

The Greek island of Kos offered the perfect setting for my first photography series: a beautiful Mediterranean landscape filled with the most generous and welcoming people. On the other hand this place is scarred by the tourism collapse during the pandemic, and Greece has been making headlines for some of the most brutal and relentless push backs against refugees.

All these aspects contrasting with each other inspired this publication: a collection of photographs, shot on different film stocks in a limited period of time and capturing various facets of the island as I tried to make sense of this place myself.